31 August 2012

Couch Surfing craze!

Last year my brother picked up Couch Surfing. His first visitors were two bikers from The Netherlands. It was an awesome experience and I thought to myself why not do that now that we live in a nice city and have a spare couch. 
So I invited two couples who wanted to come over to Stockholm. Gosia and Adri are experienced travelers (you can see their website HERE).

Adri, Gosia and Ola

 They arrived on Wednesday and wanted to walk around the city straight away. They were very lucky with the weather, it was sunny and hot all day long! We walked around City and all around Gamla Stan.

Riksgatan Bridge

Dansmuseet in the background.



We walked slowly and had a lot of time to talk about traveling, our experiences and Stockholm itself.
We passed Slussen and ended up at northern shore of Sodermalm, since there is a beautiful view there. 

One, lonely balloon.

As you can see there is a balloon flying up there... And then suddenly the sky was filled up with them!

More balloons!

And they fly away!

We were just standing there for a while... One of the balloons was shaped like a hand!
We chilled out at home in the evening, talking over rice salad I made for them (and I am so happy they likes it so much, they asked me to do it again next day :) It was an awesome day and I was happy I could enjoy Stockholm with someone.

Next day Gosia and Adri wanted to go see Gamla Stan again and just walk a little bit more. I tagged along with them. We have seen a lot that day. Just few pictures here:

Change of guards at the Royal Palace.

I want this silly camera, it is awesome!

Change of guards at the entrance to the Royal Palace. Worth seeing!

Narrow street right off the Vasterlanggatan.

We took a Art in the Metro tour at 3 pm from T-Centralen. We were very lucky as it was the last tour in English for this year. If you are interested, the tours are still up but only in Swedish. Tour is free of charge, you just need a valid metro ticket or Access Card. I wont tell you a lot about this tour, cause I am planing to take a tour for myself looking for art in the metro in Stockholm. All I'll say is: IT WAS AWESOME!

Stadion Station of Stockholm Merto (Red Line)

We came back to the flat, to chill out a bit, cause it was a long long day. We had some food and went out when it got dark to see how Stockholm looks at night. It was pretty but I was a little bit disappointed. I expected more more lights!

Grona Lund

Sail away!

At night!
Dark here too...
Even darker...

Other side.
After that we went to the other side of the Sodermalm, just to walk along the shore. Gosia was a little bit tired so we sat down and Adri went for a walk. We had some more rice salad and went to beds! We said our good byes in the morning. They were amazing couple and I hope all my Couch Surfing experiences are going to be like that one!

16 August 2012

Around Sodermalm

I am still waiting for my bike coming from UK, it should be here any day now. Till then I am walking. I had my first run/walk to see how I get on. Everything went fine... Two days later I decided I will go around Sodermalm, cause the island is just so pretty!
That is my path:

This is a little bit messy with Endomondo here.

Took few pictures on my way! First of: outdoor gym... This is a fantastic idea, some guys working out there as you can see on the picture. I will go there is the weather is still nice and my bike gets here.

Outdoor gym!

Right in front of the "gym" fantastic view on the boats. I want to have one so much! A tiny little one, to go around Stockholm every now and then! Anyone knows how much it is to get a boat in Sweden? :P

All along the way:

Little bridge

Silly seagull.
Other side of the island
Back to my side!

I walked over 11 km, which I think is a nice distance for a first walk. I hope I can do this at least once a week. If not walking then biking for sure.
One more thing... A lot of people in Stockholm that run, swim or walk this time of year. Every age! I find it fascinating. And also I haven't seen fat people. That freaks me out a little bit. After living in UK for some time it is a HUGE change of scenery. Does it mean Swedes just take care of their looks and health so much? I will investigate!

Till next time my friends! Time for breakfast!

02 August 2012

Awesome book store!

A friend from #mmo-champion IRC channel suggested visiting this store! When I got there I realized I have already been here few years ago when I visited Stockholm for the first time. That doesn't change the fact that this store is absolutely awesome. It is located on a main street of Gamla Stan (The Old Town) - Vesterlang Gatan. This street is a typical rip off street for tourists:  pubs, cafes, restaurants and stores with souvenirs and local products. Basically if you live in Stockholm you don't go there to buy anything!

But ok, back to the SF store! It's not only books, it's books in Swedish, English, manga, anime, board games, Warhammer stuff, t-shirts, DVDs, posters etc. Simply a GEEK PARADISE! Sadly I didn't take many pictures, since I wasn't sure if it is allowed at all. The store was full of customers browsing every possible section. 

Yes... It's Han Solo!

Hi there! 

Small part of the store.

I will apply for a job there, even tho they are not looking for anyone right now. I just think that with my interests and hobbies I would fit there perfectly! And it would give me a chance to learn Swedish faster :)
Just need a killer resume, which is going to look like a comic book :P

After that I just walked around Gamla Stan, which I need to visit properly. It has to be a nice sunny day, cause there is lots of pictures to be taken there. I will also need my book guide to know what is what! 

Till the next time folks! Thanks for reading!

Clouds over Stockholm

I went out on Tuesday with a plan to explore a bit of Sodermalm - my neighborhood. Just few minutes away from my flat I found this little fellow! 
It is a data center, that was a nuclear bunker in 1943! You can find more pictures of inside, from Google, below.  

Pionen White Mountains
Yeah baby!

Fun facts:
- The data center is housed in what was originally a military bunker and nuclear shelter during the Cold War era. The facility still has the code name from its military days: Pionen White Mountains.
The bunker was designed to be able to withstand a near hit by a hydrogen bomb.
Backup power is handled by two Maybach MTU diesel engines producing 1.5 Megawatt of power. The engines were originally designed for submarines, and just for fun the people at Pionen have also installed the warning system (sound horns) from the original German submarine.
For a pleasant working environment the data center has simulated daylight, greenhouses, waterfalls and a huge 2600-liter salt water fish tank.

Wend down Renstiernas Street leading to the edge of the island. The view was stunning. Cloudy Stockholm is beautiful! 

Restiernas Street

Empty poster pole
Took some pictures from the bank! 

It started to rain so heavily I had to run to the nearest bust stop, that didn't help much so I jumped on the next bus. Having travel pass for a week is very helpful, I can use metro, buses, trains and so on with no limits!
I went all the way up to Ropsten Station, took some time :) But it was dry and I got to see parts of Stockholm I wouldn't normally go to!

Ropsten Station
 It was still early so I took metro to Mojang. I was lost for a bit but eventually made it to the office! It still a little bit confusing, since I take a different transportation every single time I go there :)

On the metro
Thanks for reading!