We just came back from Paris! This years Minecon took place in Disneyland Paris. I must say it was a lot of fun. We had two days convention and then an extra day in Disneyland. That was my first visit in any kind of Land :P We had lots of fun, especially on broken elevator ride at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. When we were going up and then fall down twice I realized that most of my nightmares are related to swings and broken elevators... fun huh! I loved it anyway :P

We also met our mIRC friend called Alram! He came to Minecon and we hang out for three days. Hello Alram!

After Minecon we spent two days an Paris. The weather wasn't the best but we tried to see as much as possible. Two days is not enough to see Paris, but I am sure we will go there again <3

After coming back to Stockholm we welcomed proper winter. Both Dinnerbone and me are sick, so we stay at home. This morning winter stroke hard! Just look:


This is our kitchen window... And radiators are still not hot. 
Thankfully I just got a call from a handy man for our building, asking if he can come over today and bleed our radiators! So we are expecting him any minute now. I hope it will help with our colds! 
I don't have a lot of good photos from Paris or Minecon. I was trying to get more fun than pictures!
But here is few in absolutely no order:

Pastry shop next to our lovely Hotel in Paris

Luxembourg Park

Notre Dame

Crepes - Dinnerbone didn't like them!

Love bridge with padlocks!

That thing...


Anette's Diner at Disneyland. 

Scary huge Anette at Anette's

Dinnerbone was so famous, signing a girl!

Unique shop!

Dinnerbone and Alram, so pretty.

This guy!

Me and Rex

I am a princess!

Best part of Disneyland, Star Wars zone.




Huge green plants!

They had everything!


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