It has been 5 years

My need to write comes and goes. I think throughout my adult life I probably started about a hundred blogs, websites, profiles, streams, and other outlets to become vocal. Why not start again. 

I have been pretty faithful to my Instagram over the years tho. Don't we all have at least some drive to share our life, feelings, thoughts and observations? I guess we are looking for reassurance of what we are. Whether we are different, the same, understood or misunderstood, loved, hated (but definitely not ignored or forgotten), we need to know. 

If anything, maybe at least for me, this will be a nice insight in 20 or 40 years into who I was, what my thoughts were and how did they change. 


What is different?

  • I gained a child.
  • I gained and lost countless amount of kilograms.
  • I lost glasses, but at this point, I probably need them again.
  • I was not single, now I am.
  • My phone colour changed.

What is the same?

  • I am still in Sweden.
  • I am starting again.

Welcome, I hope you stay.


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