New 2013

I have been incredibly lazy for the last few months. I have a little update here for you. I signed up for SFI course in Stockholm. It is a school for immigrants, I am learning Swedish. I had my 2 weeks introduction class which I passed with no problem. Now I am at next step which will take around 8 weeks. I am ashamed to admit that I only went once, on Monday. Since then I have been feeling down and didn't have any  strength to get out of the house. Swedish winter hit me like a hammer. With barely any daylight I became incredibly lazy...
I think I need a job or something!
Anyway I hope I can get back on track soon. I found a swimming pool close by, which I intend to check out tomorrow. Hopefully there is a steam room there! A bit of exercise should give me more energy and will to learn :P

Back in December Nathan offered to buy me a new camera, but sadly my PC stopped working and we decided to buy a new one, so I am still stuck with my little old camera. Nevertheless I took some pictures of fireworks on New Years. Enjoy!

Lighting the lantern 
And now in the air!

Fireworks in Stockholm


  1. Swedish winter can be tough, but be glad you live in Stockholm, in northern Sweden (100 mil up) there we can talk dark and cold...

    1. So I've heard :)
      I am looking forward to spring more than usual now!


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