Hyped by Disney!

I can not believe how excited I am about our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando. Nathan asked me some time ago if I would like to go and I didn't mind, but at that time I would not say I was excited. We already went to Disneyland in Paris after Minecon 2012 and to Universal Studios after Minecon 2013. It was great and I loved it. Universal slightly more than Disney, because it had Harry Potter! 

I started to watch YouTube videos about Disney World and realized that it is an awesome experience I never had as a child, that people of all ages go there and have amazing time, that I should do whatever I want even tho I am not a child anymore and that I should make it count by trying to have a magical experience. So all this excitement was jump stayed by YouTube! 

If you have never check WDW on YouTube you should... People make all sorts of videos from "What to take and how to pack" to vlogs, shopping hauls (which I love), tips and tricks and recommendations and reviews. Hours of footage of packing and unpacking various bags, eating food or just talking. 
I am amazed. 

I started to work on a little scrapbook to capture our plans, trip, the visit and everything related to Disney! I never had a scrapbook project before so I hope it will go great. 

Looking at all the videos and happy people I also want to fulfill my long time dream of making some YouTube videos. And of course I always wonder if there is anyone who would watch it and enjoy it. But I guess that if it makes me happy I will do it either way.

I hope we have wonderful experience there and that someday we will get to enjoy it with our children!

Thanks for reading!


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