Cleaning my mind?

Ah long time ago I actually updated this blog. I went to bed yesterday and,  as usual, thought of updating. Complicated, sophisticated and beautiful sentences came to my mind and I was so proud that my brain works so well at 1:30 am. Of course I forgot all of it the next morning. Does it happen to you as well? I find it very unfair that the inspiration strikes when you are at a place of comfort with nothing to scribble on.  To be honest I expected that to happen and yet I did not leave my cocoon to find the phone or at least a pen to transfer my thoughts onto the bedsheet.
If I could only remember what I was thinking about,  maybe I could recreate at least a part of the perfection my brain cooked in the "almost coma" state.
Oh well, maybe next time.

A lot of fantastic things happened since Minecon 2013, which was my last post. I feel obligated to inform the internet about the highlights. I am funny like that. I will include visual to help your imagination sometimes, and of course because it is faster to scroll through pictures than read. 

We are in the age of pictographic communication yet again. I am not going to lie here and say that I read it all. I was also, like probably many of you, affected by Facebook virus for some time. It is all good and still fun after you realise and fix the fact that most of the time you scroll and do not retain any real information. However I limit my time there to interactions I can not get in person or over the phone.

Need to set a reminder to proof read this at home and post it. And with my soon to be legal trial version of Photoshop, I'll prepare mentioned visual aids.

Looks like today is a day of SPRING CLEANING!

Fiffi is cleaning too...


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