30 July 2012

I always forget about the title... Ice Cream!

Just a little update from Saturday. We didn't do much over the weekend. Went for a little walk to a huge park near our flat. It is called Vita Bergen.
W stayed in the park for a while, reading books.
I am reading Kira Izmajlowa's "Higher Magic" - Russian author, quite interesting story. The feel of Russia, VERY different human interactions are throwing me off a little bit but I am trying to embrace and understand it :)
Nathan is reading Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter's - The Long Earth.
I, being a huge Pratchett fan, might give it a go, but I still find it a bit hard to read his books in English. So maybe I will just wait for Polish translation.  
Sofia Church

People chilling in the park, listening to the music from huge boombox. Funny how in a place like this, a park near the church you can see lots of different subcultures spending time in the same way, sitting next to each other.  

We did some more food shopping. They do have Geisha ice cream... Geisha is a chocolate candy from Fazer (http://www.fazer.com/geisha). Back when I was around 17 it was my favorite chocolate candy! I absolutely loved it and the fact that I was a Japan freak wasn't helping the addiction! So... I had Geisha ice cream... It was delicious... If you are ice cream fan get this: Nathan got strawberry and white chocolate Magnum. We don't have that in UK or Poland :(
(Pictures from Google)

White Chocolate & Strawberry Magnum

Geisha Ice Cream Cone
Thanks for reading and come back!

27 July 2012

China, Lego and Cooking

Only small update today! I didn't go exploring today, because I left home really late and wanted to eat lunch with Nathan. After that we hang around at Mojang office for a bit and headed shopping and home. 

Although on my way to meet him I found huge Chinese store. And trust me they have LOTS of stuff there. And what I love the most: POCKY! I have no picture of the ones I bought cause I ated them! Yes... ated!
I do have one more box of something new called Pejoy, delicious, tea flavored sticks with filling! Yummy!
I will buy more, it is my weakness :(

Nom noms

Later on when we came back home we played with Minecraft Legos Nathan got from Mojang. We do have two boxes, but one of them still sits on his desk at work. This is what we have so far. It is a little house like object with trees on the top. Don't ask, we followed the book.

After all this hard work I cooked my first meal in Sweden. According to the sole recipient: "It was very yummy"



We are going totally classic today and movie of the day is going to be Stargate (1994). At 22:00 I am going to turn on the TV and watch opening ceremony of London 2012 Olympics! 
Have fun!

Day Two

The second day started around 10:30. My first destination was Games Workshop! I have heard so many nice things about this place and wanted to see how is it different from my home GW in Shrewsbury. 
I left the flat and spotted this little posters on the side of the electric box. The sign says Cunt Club, there is no other info on it. I tried to Google but I got me nothing specific. I assume it is a gay pub/club! Anyway I think it is something unusual and would never happen in small towns I lived in so far. 

Cunt Club

I jumped on no. 19 metro line to T-Centralen, walked 5 minutes from there (it is really close from central station) and arrived at the shop. It was a little bit busy so I just walked in, I was curious if they will greet me right away (like in Shrewsbury!) but everyone seemed busy. The second they stopped talking to the customers I was greeted in Swedish. It is always a little bit weird when I reply in English and I am ashamed to admit I do not speak basic Swedish yet (except for TACK!). It is a defensive mechanism, cause if I speak English from the start people know it is my preferred language. One of the guys walked over to me and we talked for a bit, he allowed me to take some pictures of the store. All the staff members in Games Workshops are so nice, I really felt like he cared and feel very welcomed to the store. 

Games Workshop

 As I said before I took some pictures of the models on display. I loved this... Mushroom orcs! Freaking hilarious!

Silly mushroom orcs. 

This board was HUGE! It is very detailed winter siege. The mountain at the very end has many levels, gates, small buildings full of fighting and dead troops. Sadly to take a picture of the mountain I had to go outside and take pictures through a glass so there was some glare on them. There are even spiders climbing down the mountain! It looked really amazing!

Amazing winter battle display.

A picture of one of the buildings on the mountain with dead troops and blood splatters on the mountain. So cool!


That is just GW logo thing on one of the playing boards. I have never seen him as a landmark before!

Never seen that dude before.

 I spent some time in the shop, but since I do not have my paints and models I didn't want to stay too long. The store is about the same size as the one in Shrewsbury, maybe a little bit bigger. I decided to go and explore the city. I had no plan, I was just walking. I found Drottninggatan (Queen Street) which is basicly a 1 km long street full of shops, pubs and restaurants. It was full of people! The street goes up the hill so you can see how many people there actually is.


Almost at the very end of this street I found this cherry. Beyond Retro, which is 500 sq meters of used vintage clothing. Apparently vintage is really hot in Sweden at the moment (like everywhere). It is not cheap tho! Range of prices if very wide, it obviously depends on what do you want to buy, which period is it from and so on. I know there is more of shops like this in Stockholm and I have already marked them on my maps, so I will find a day to go and compare! Will report!

Beyond Retro

 I decided to go back the same road, and wandered further hoping I will eventually end up in Gamla Stan. I liked this sign...

Any fool can make a rule...

 Sergels Torg - Serger's Square with pretty fountain as a roundabout! It looks amazing at night!

Glass obelisk in a fountain

This guy was a Swedish chemist, but he has a bird on his head. Your argument is invalid. 

This guy... I mean bird!

 Hmm I ended up here - Saluhall which is just a food hall and I have no idea why I didn't walk in. Ok, no I know... I would like to buy everything there. And I am financially not ready for it :)

Food hall

 I took metro to Gamla Stan, I have no clue why since I wanted to go home. I just took one picture: this is pretty regular view in Stockholm. Alleys! They are everywhere!!

An alley...

I came back home after small shopping in local ICA. Everything seems so expensive here. I know it is just a feeling, because the prices of every day items are not so different from the UK ones. Anyway I came back home around 16:00. It was a very nice day! 
Thanks for reading! (26.07.2012)

26 July 2012

Day One

I live in Södermalm, which is a district in central Stockholm. It is a fairly big island, often called a residential area of Stockholm. The is loads of restaurants, shops and interesting spots. One of them are for example allotment. Right in the middle of the city, there is a little park divided in little plots of land, with tiny houses and beautiful flowers and trees. People can plant their own fruit and vegetables! We do have a similar thing in Poland, but it looks nothing alike. Everything here has to be very pretty so it is nice to look at by people who pass by!

Allotments in  Södermalm 

Allotments in  Södermalm  

Further down the way there is one of few outdoor swimming pools. There was a HUGE queue because weather in Stockholm is amazing lately. Everyone wants to get some sun and fun it the water and it is not very expensive!

Open swimming pool in  Södermalm 

When you pass the swimming pool you arrive at the marina! Beautiful place, especially with this weather. I would love to own a boat in Stockholm! It must be sooo amazing to sail in the city!

Marina in  Södermalm 

After seeing a little of Södermalm we went to see Nathan's office at Mojang! Sadly I can not post any pictures :( which is very unfair since the office looks AMAZING. It is still work in progress but it is going really really well. It is like open space office with few corners and rooms where you can just hang out. I don't know how much I can reveal, so I think I will just stop there. I have met his colleagues, which welcomed me to the office and Stockholm. I had lots of fun there! Nathan had a day off which we spend at his office anyway :P

We spend the rest of the day walking around Gamla Stan, which is 'old town' part of the city. Lots of small and big cafes, pubs, restaurants and places to sit. We just walk down one tiny street which was enough for a day. Gamla Stan is a place with a lot of attractions to see, and I am sure I will go back there soon to take lots of pictures.

That was my first day of exploring Stockholm. I also bought a transport pass for a week, which will let me travel around the city with no restrictions. So this week already looks very promising.
Thanks for reading! (25.07.2012)

Another start

This is my another attempt to create a blog. Previous ones died or disappeared in an abysmal depths of the Internet. This time I do have a good reason to blog, and since my memory is failing me more and more lately I decided it is only reasonable to write everything down. 
I recently (July 25th, 2012) moved from UK to Sweden. Stockholm to be precise. 
This city is big, new and very very different from all the places I lived in so far. Exploration of Stockholm already started! 

Just so you know: I am Polish so it is possible that posts that appear here will be in either English, Polish or both. Just because :)
Keep reading, commenting, suggesting spots, gigs, events, concerts worth seeing!
And have fun!