Around Sodermalm

I am still waiting for my bike coming from UK, it should be here any day now. Till then I am walking. I had my first run/walk to see how I get on. Everything went fine... Two days later I decided I will go around Sodermalm, cause the island is just so pretty!
That is my path:

This is a little bit messy with Endomondo here.

Took few pictures on my way! First of: outdoor gym... This is a fantastic idea, some guys working out there as you can see on the picture. I will go there is the weather is still nice and my bike gets here.

Outdoor gym!

Right in front of the "gym" fantastic view on the boats. I want to have one so much! A tiny little one, to go around Stockholm every now and then! Anyone knows how much it is to get a boat in Sweden? :P

All along the way:

Little bridge

Silly seagull.
Other side of the island
Back to my side!

I walked over 11 km, which I think is a nice distance for a first walk. I hope I can do this at least once a week. If not walking then biking for sure.
One more thing... A lot of people in Stockholm that run, swim or walk this time of year. Every age! I find it fascinating. And also I haven't seen fat people. That freaks me out a little bit. After living in UK for some time it is a HUGE change of scenery. Does it mean Swedes just take care of their looks and health so much? I will investigate!

Till next time my friends! Time for breakfast!


  1. It means that they just hide all the fat people in a basement :P


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