Awesome book store!

A friend from #mmo-champion IRC channel suggested visiting this store! When I got there I realized I have already been here few years ago when I visited Stockholm for the first time. That doesn't change the fact that this store is absolutely awesome. It is located on a main street of Gamla Stan (The Old Town) - Vesterlang Gatan. This street is a typical rip off street for tourists:  pubs, cafes, restaurants and stores with souvenirs and local products. Basically if you live in Stockholm you don't go there to buy anything!

But ok, back to the SF store! It's not only books, it's books in Swedish, English, manga, anime, board games, Warhammer stuff, t-shirts, DVDs, posters etc. Simply a GEEK PARADISE! Sadly I didn't take many pictures, since I wasn't sure if it is allowed at all. The store was full of customers browsing every possible section. 

Yes... It's Han Solo!

Hi there! 

Small part of the store.

I will apply for a job there, even tho they are not looking for anyone right now. I just think that with my interests and hobbies I would fit there perfectly! And it would give me a chance to learn Swedish faster :)
Just need a killer resume, which is going to look like a comic book :P

After that I just walked around Gamla Stan, which I need to visit properly. It has to be a nice sunny day, cause there is lots of pictures to be taken there. I will also need my book guide to know what is what! 

Till the next time folks! Thanks for reading!


  1. Gamla Stan is great for geeks. They have a lovely tea shop and two great small comic book shops. I recommend that you visit Staffars Serier. The staff is great and knows what they are talking about. The adress is Bellmansgatan 26a. Pretty close to Sfbok. :)

    1. Thanks Tomb! I will sure check it out!

  2. so you got the job ?


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