27 June 2013

Old and new.

I feel very weird. When we moved to the first flat in Sweden, it was not very nice. There was a lot of random stuff in every closet that the previous tenant (maybe also the original landlord) left. The attic was full of useless crap and we had to ask to use it to store our suitcases.
I had to clean all the wardrobes, shelves and drawers. Everything stank of dust. The smell we were not able to get rid of for a year. I had to wash my clean clothes constantly before wearing them. The kitchen was full of broken or old  tools, artificial plants stuffed in closets. Shelves and drawers were dirty, had stains of uncleaned food in them. The dishwasher didn't work.

We recently moved out. We took our stuff, left the crap that was not ours where it was when we moved in. I cleaned the floors, shelves and the bathroom.
We left the keys at Nathan's office because it was the company who rented the flat from the landlord.

The landlord called Karin, person who handled everything for us when we moved and said we did not clean. I do not know what he meant exactly. His daughter is moving into this flat now. So Karin hired cleaning company to go and clean the flat for them now.

I feel like a dirty person who just left the place looking like shit. I do take stuff like that too seriously and I can no let it go. Maybe I need a shrink. I am so mad and upset I would call this guy and tell him that the state of the flat when we got there was, to my standards of cleaningness, a dump.

It really seems like people who rent out second hand don't really give a shit to give you the apartment clean and free of their stuff when you move in.
Same with the new flat. It took me 3 days (and later few visits to a nearby recycle place) to clean it and move all of the stuff the landlord left behind to the basement.
Every single closet had his old stuff in it, clothing, blankets, old weight lifts, radios, 10 umbrellas, broken pictures, curtain rail, flat footballs, old towels...

I am sorry, I had to vent.


  1. Cieszę się, że większość mieszkań w Niemczech wynajmuje się pustych. Wtedy nie ma problemu, a mimo to porobiliśmy zdjęcia wszystkim dziurom i uszkodzeniom, jakie zastaliśmy, żeby nie było na nas, jak się wyprowadzamy. Nie przejmuj się! Nie masz sobie nic do zarzucenia, a oni po prostu byli perfidni.

    1. No my wynajmujemy umeblowane bo sami nie mamy za duzo mebli. Wiec sila rzeczy jednak jakies graty musza sie paletac.

      Rzecz w tym, ze teraz sobie pluje w brode, ze nie posprzatalam tam na blysk. No ale kurde nie bede komus obcemu lizac podlog skoro oni nam wynajeli brudne i zagracone :(

    2. Nie powinnaś sobie pluć, bo zostawiłaś je w lepszym stanie. :) Tu też raz chłopak miał częściowo umeblowane, ale na zasadzie: puste szafy, puste półki. Niefajnie wynajmować z porzuconym, marnej jakości dobytkiem. Rozumiem Twoje rozgoryczenie, sama też bym się tak pewnie czuła. Ale Ty wiesz, że nie powinnaś, więc: Koniec! Niech ten post będzie ostatnim wyrzutem sumienia, bo powinno być czyste! :)

  2. it would make me crazy too, either I've been lucky but all the apartments I switched to (about 22 so far) has always been clean. However, I have never lived in Stockholm, but only in the rest of Sweden.

  3. Wow That Is A Big Mess I Know What you feel (my apartment smells of shaving foam?!)