Day One

I live in Södermalm, which is a district in central Stockholm. It is a fairly big island, often called a residential area of Stockholm. The is loads of restaurants, shops and interesting spots. One of them are for example allotment. Right in the middle of the city, there is a little park divided in little plots of land, with tiny houses and beautiful flowers and trees. People can plant their own fruit and vegetables! We do have a similar thing in Poland, but it looks nothing alike. Everything here has to be very pretty so it is nice to look at by people who pass by!

Allotments in  Södermalm 

Allotments in  Södermalm  

Further down the way there is one of few outdoor swimming pools. There was a HUGE queue because weather in Stockholm is amazing lately. Everyone wants to get some sun and fun it the water and it is not very expensive!

Open swimming pool in  Södermalm 

When you pass the swimming pool you arrive at the marina! Beautiful place, especially with this weather. I would love to own a boat in Stockholm! It must be sooo amazing to sail in the city!

Marina in  Södermalm 

After seeing a little of Södermalm we went to see Nathan's office at Mojang! Sadly I can not post any pictures :( which is very unfair since the office looks AMAZING. It is still work in progress but it is going really really well. It is like open space office with few corners and rooms where you can just hang out. I don't know how much I can reveal, so I think I will just stop there. I have met his colleagues, which welcomed me to the office and Stockholm. I had lots of fun there! Nathan had a day off which we spend at his office anyway :P

We spend the rest of the day walking around Gamla Stan, which is 'old town' part of the city. Lots of small and big cafes, pubs, restaurants and places to sit. We just walk down one tiny street which was enough for a day. Gamla Stan is a place with a lot of attractions to see, and I am sure I will go back there soon to take lots of pictures.

That was my first day of exploring Stockholm. I also bought a transport pass for a week, which will let me travel around the city with no restrictions. So this week already looks very promising.
Thanks for reading! (25.07.2012)


  1. Keep posting Ola. I'm really curious how everyday life looks like in Sweden :)

  2. Hurry up because this weekend the rain will come, and I think it will be here to stay...

  3. We can explore in the rain! I mean we just came here from UK :D


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