China, Lego and Cooking

Only small update today! I didn't go exploring today, because I left home really late and wanted to eat lunch with Nathan. After that we hang around at Mojang office for a bit and headed shopping and home. 

Although on my way to meet him I found huge Chinese store. And trust me they have LOTS of stuff there. And what I love the most: POCKY! I have no picture of the ones I bought cause I ated them! Yes... ated!
I do have one more box of something new called Pejoy, delicious, tea flavored sticks with filling! Yummy!
I will buy more, it is my weakness :(

Nom noms

Later on when we came back home we played with Minecraft Legos Nathan got from Mojang. We do have two boxes, but one of them still sits on his desk at work. This is what we have so far. It is a little house like object with trees on the top. Don't ask, we followed the book.

After all this hard work I cooked my first meal in Sweden. According to the sole recipient: "It was very yummy"



We are going totally classic today and movie of the day is going to be Stargate (1994). At 22:00 I am going to turn on the TV and watch opening ceremony of London 2012 Olympics! 
Have fun!


  1. I must look for a Chinese store in DE! I want taste these deliciousness. :) Lego Minecraft stands on our Ikea's bookcase. ;) And pasta - mniam! :)


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