I always forget about the title... Ice Cream!

Just a little update from Saturday. We didn't do much over the weekend. Went for a little walk to a huge park near our flat. It is called Vita Bergen.
W stayed in the park for a while, reading books.
I am reading Kira Izmajlowa's "Higher Magic" - Russian author, quite interesting story. The feel of Russia, VERY different human interactions are throwing me off a little bit but I am trying to embrace and understand it :)
Nathan is reading Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter's - The Long Earth.
I, being a huge Pratchett fan, might give it a go, but I still find it a bit hard to read his books in English. So maybe I will just wait for Polish translation.  
Sofia Church

People chilling in the park, listening to the music from huge boombox. Funny how in a place like this, a park near the church you can see lots of different subcultures spending time in the same way, sitting next to each other.  

We did some more food shopping. They do have Geisha ice cream... Geisha is a chocolate candy from Fazer (http://www.fazer.com/geisha). Back when I was around 17 it was my favorite chocolate candy! I absolutely loved it and the fact that I was a Japan freak wasn't helping the addiction! So... I had Geisha ice cream... It was delicious... If you are ice cream fan get this: Nathan got strawberry and white chocolate Magnum. We don't have that in UK or Poland :(
(Pictures from Google)

White Chocolate & Strawberry Magnum

Geisha Ice Cream Cone
Thanks for reading and come back!


  1. I want both of those ice creams. NOW!

    1. Puddi, the minute you come to Sweden I will buy you even three :P

  2. Sweden looks like a beautiful place!


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