Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 - "The Climb" As usual with SPOILERS!

Seems like it is going to be easy to be brief this time. Another slow episode with few highlights. I think this season had and will have few huge moments, so we encountering the period of thickening of the plot.

Samwell and Gilly are happy campers, sharing stories and singing by the fire. It is nice to see Sam being happy for a change.
While by another fire we have a little tension between Osha and Meera Reed. The situation is quickly mended by brave Bran. Jojen has a vision which very much resembles an epilepsy seizure. I still can not believe this is the little boy from Love Actually. His performance is excellent so far.

Jon and Ygritte are preparing for the climb. Now that is an interesting scene. I think that this is the first time ever (books and TV show) that I actually like Ygritte. She is not my favourite character of all, I would even say that I dislike her.

It's you and me, that matters.
She finally acts fair, she doesn't judge, she doesn't mock. She loves Jon, even tho she knows he is still a Crow. Jon promises he will never betray her and he believes that, Ygritte doesn't, she knows he will have to do what is right. She is very genuine and honest in this scene, while Jon can not even look at her.

Robb sits with Freys to discuss the alliance against Lannisters. PERFECT portrayal of Freys if you ask me, they indeed look like peasants. I like, when they leave the room, one of them actually limps, that was a nice touch to add a bit to the image of village idiot. Edmure (Cath's brother) is being forced to marry one of Walder Frey's daughters - Roslin. Edmure is SUCH a typical guy in this scene, I had a good laugh. I feel sorry for him. This whole situation just reminds me how I dislike Robb for his decision to marry Jeyne.

You are paying for my sins, uncle...
I will just fail to mention Brienne in a pink dress...

Lovely gifs from

Tywin Lannister and Olenna Tyrell bargain and trade their children and grandchildren. They both take out heavy weapons against each other but finally Tywin wins, for now. However he is disgusted with the whole conversation, especially since he is accused of being gay. Very brave Lady Olenna!

And then Ygritte breaks The Wall. As much as I like dramatic scenes, the only thing that came to my head after seeing this was: "Boy! That escalated quickly..." and so I started to laugh.

Spent some time making this gif...

The Ron Burgundy quote is ambiguous in this case: 1. A small scratch leads to a huge catastrophe, I get that, but... 2. This scene is just too damn long. I don't know if that was suppose to make it more dramatic or something?! Well to me it failed horribly. Maybe it is the lack of music, or the scene being emotionless, since I knew what is going to happen? I won't say I was disappointed, but it did not move me.

Another funny one, in this episode, is the garden scene with Loras and Sansa. He is being properly daft. And this poor girl looks at him like he is a miracle. I guess being Joffrey's punching bag did not teach her anything yet. But remember my words... she will learn.

Girls? Ewww...

One thing that annoys me a little bit in this whole being gay situation is that they emphasize it EVERY DAMN TIME it is even possible. Whenever his name is mentioned someone makes a stupid face or not so funny "ha ha" comment about how he likes long swords. We get it already, he is GAY. I really have to compare this to the book version here. This entire issue is described so subtle in the book and yet it is quite clear, whereas in the show it just sounds opprobrious most of the time.

This episode's ending gets quite serious and sad. The most ambitious little creep in the King's Landing - Littlefinger - makes an excellent speech. Lord Baelish, aware of the agreement Varys had with one of Littlefinger's prostitutes - Ros - gives her to Joffrey as a punishment for the betrayal. And probably to suck up to the sadistic creep. Ros dies of multiple crossbow shots. Joffrey apparently still doesn't like close combat.

Chaos, is a ladder... the climb is all there is. 
Sansa is crushed by the news of the new marriage plans Lannisters cooked up for her, crying her eyes out, watching her last hope - Littlefinger - leaving King's Landing.

Ygritte's dream comes true as she stands on The Wall to see what is beyond; with Jon Snow.

Beyond The Wall

And that is a wrap!


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