Missed scene - Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7 - "The Bear and the Maiden Fair"

First of all I would like thanks those few people who always somehow encourage me to write my reviews.
I have been told off by them this week for not including a scene from episode 7 with Joffrey and Tywin. So there it goes:

Eye roll...

Lord Tywin is being summoned by the young king Joffrey to the throne room. Poor child has finally decided to be a king and rule a little. He obviously has no idea what is going on and the whole situation is probably arranged by Margery (or her lovely granny lady Olenna). Joffrey is a little concerned about meetings of Small Council being held in a new location (too many stairs to climb) and him not being invited every time. Well, I think Joff takes from his fake father when it comes to being a king. Their main interests are slightly different however: Robert wanted to drink and fuck, while Joff wants to kill and humiliate. And he tries...
Tywin however is not 14 years old girl and will not stand for some shmuck to push him around and jump through hoops. So all on all - same old routine.
I initially omitted the scene for few reasons. As I said in the review of the previous episode: the schedule of the show is so tight, there is no room for pointless scenes. And I still think this is true.
So why is this scene here? I was asking myself this very question since then and I simply can not find the answer that satisfies me. Therefore maybe there is something I do not know and will learn in the future?
Didn't want to write about something that was still bugging me a bit.

If this scene is there to show who is the actual ruler of Seven Kingdoms - to me and I think most of the viewers it was obvious it is Tywin Lannister. His intentions, actions, plans - his entire demeanour (and the POWER that comes with that), shown in almost every episode since he first appeared, were very clear about this.

If this scene was a little hint about Tyrells wanting to take control of Joffrey and by that the throne, I think that was pretty obvious too.

If they put this scene there to show that Joffrey is stupid, incompetent, ignorant and misinformed as a king... then, well... We kinda already knew.
Seeing him so nervous when his grandfather comes in to the throne room, really convinces me that someone put him up for this whole meeting.

This scene could be there to show all that at the same time of course. Not for just one of those reasons!
But that is still not enough for me.

The dragons are not letting me leave it alone. If you are still reading this, please be careful cause there will be SPOILERS!


So, how is it that nobody in King's Landing believes in dragons? With all the spies they have around... how is it that nobody fears that Daenerys is coming with an army.
I do not want to spoil everything, so I will leave one traitor out of this equation and will focus on Varys.

Varys is one of my favourite characters in the book and in the TV show. And the main reason is his conversation with Ned Stark:

Ned: Tell me something, Varys. Who do you truly serve?
Varys: The realm, my lord. Someone must.

One thing is certain: Varys is not a pawn in this story. He knew about Daenerys and Viserys, he is friends with Illyrio Mopatis, he knows about the dragons but decides not to tell anyone, or maybe he is just not telling Lannisters. There is a reason for making them believe dragons are dead. And whatever Daenerys has is not even close to a cameleon. Varys has a Targaryen blood in his veins, I am 99% sure of that. Very thin kind but still Targaryen...

And this small scene in the throne room is, to me, a proof that Varys can play Tywin Lannister, as he pleases.


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