Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 7 "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" SPOILERS

Ah new episode! Because of the secret Mojang trip to Monte Carlo I missed it, didn't feel like watching it until Sunday. It is a good thing, now I don't have to wait all week because episode 8 comes out tomorrow.

The song The Bear and the Maiden Fair (Polish title sounds so funny and I love it - "Niedzwiedz i dziewica cud") pops every now and then in the book, which is an awesome touch from the author. Reminds me a little bit of Wiedzmin books (or Witcher if you like) by Andrzej Sapkowski - who, for me, is still the best fantasy writer of all times. Love these little things, that make the world in the book so real and believable.

My favourite version - short but the best!

We are yet again encountering a slow episode, which is surprising, but I guess the last two will be HUGE. Or maybe I am just waiting for something that is not coming? I am afraid that after last episodes of season two I am expecting too much. Hopefully not! 
Now don't get me wrong - there is plenty of stuff happening in the show, I just mean that there is not a lot of long, thrilling scenes. 

So we start off with Ygritte making fun of Jon Snow, not the first time, not the last. They are being so cute together, exactly how it suppose to be with young couple in love. They let me forget for a while what is coming, but we all know it is winter. Later on, Jon is being told how handle his girl, Tormund apparently has some good moves! Orell, one of the wildlings, tries to pursue Ygritte, badmouthing Jon. Ygritte however confesses she loves Jon and admits she would even wear a silk dress for him.
Jon tells Ygritte that the wildlings will be defeated, as they were six time before. She reminds him that he is one of them now, so if they die - they die together.

Ahhh, Ygritte is being CUTE again, she is making it harder and harder for me to hate her! 

Girls see more blood...

King Robb is on his way to his uncle's wedding, when he is told by his new and hot wife she is expecting a child. That information makes him really happy and a little bit afraid at the same time. Very hard time ahead of both of them.

But they do have fun too!
I am starting to think, now that I am rewatching the episode, that it is a sex education lesson. Margery spreads her (or rather her grandmothers) wisdom over poor Sansa who is still shaken up with the news of the arranged marriage. Sansa is still so silly...
Bron is also convincing Tyrion that this whole marriage is a good idea: Sansa is young, pretty and holds a key to the North... Tyrion however still loves Shae and would rather marry her. As a peace offering and "I am sorry I have to marry another girl" gift he gives her a golden necklace and offers to spoil her if she stays with him.

Far away from all this drama, Daenerys approaches Yunkai, with a strong urge to free the slaves. Lots of dragons this time! Emissary from Yunkai Grazdan mo Eraz pays her a visit, trying to bribe her with gold and ships. Daenerys is adamant, cold and confident. She takes the gold and gives ultimatums: free all the slaves, give them payment for their work or die. The emissary leaves empty handed and shamed. 

My dragons make no promises...
Grazdan mentions "powerful friends of Yunkai", which seems to worry Daenerys.

Upon arriving at King's Landing Gendry learns from Melisandre the truth about his father. He is not aware that his royal blood is a valuable asset to the red priestess. Melisandre shares a little bit of her dark past.

Home, sweet home.
Arya escapes the cave of Brotherhood without Banners, still angry at Beric for selling Gendry to Melisandre. She is taken captive by Sandor Clegane, who must have been hiding in the forest for quite some time!

Theon is still being tortured, but in a very different way this time. Two young and hot tormentors visit his dungeon, tempting and pleasuring him. Just as usual tho, the boy with a trumpet appears and takes away all the hope from Theon, as well as his genitals.

[*Rant*: Apparently people called "critics" are complaining about this scene - calling it unnecessary and even "boring and confusing to watch"... What the hell... Yeah, torturing Theon, again and again, must be boring to you people by now... so old...
I can understand that, from a perspective of a person, who did not read the book and therefore does not know what is coming, this doesn't make much sense. But at the same time (we are talking about critics here, who should not be mindless peons just hitting their keyboards to to produce words) consider this: Third volume of the book has around 1000 pages, they have to somehow fit that in 10 episodes. I know, I know they decided not to go season per book, but rather just go with the story, but still they are keeping with the books timeline for now. Don't you think, that with a schedule as tight as this one, every scene HAS A POINT!? Maybe it is just me, that thinks a little bit before publishing her thoughts... *End of rant*]

After promising Brienne, that he will keep his word and return Stark girls to their mothers, Jamie leaves Harrenhal, leaving Brienne behind. His newly formed conscience is challenged on the way, concerned about Brienne's well being he decided to go back to Harrenhal. Upon the arrival he finds Brienne (armed with only a wooden sword) in a pit with a bear! Yes, she is still wearing her pink dress. He jumps down to rescue her and soon after (with some help from the Steelshanks) they are free. Again, having rich and powerful father pays off as he is able to wiggle out by promising money to his captors.

And the bear just wanted a hug...

And here is a cool piece of art with Brienne by Rory Phillips (

Thank you all for reading!


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